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M1 Group is a conglomerate that owns, manages and oversees investments and subsidiaries in diverse sectors such as telecommunications, real estate, aviation, fashion and retail, energy, heavy industries and FMCG. The creation of M1 Group in 2007 allowed diversification into new sectors.


M1 Limited

The Group maintains a predominant share in MTN, a leading worldwide mobile operator listed on the JSE Exchange. MTN Group stands at the forefront of the technological changes sweeping the world connecting 230 million subscribers across 24 countries. It operates across Africa, Europe and Asia.


M1 Capital

M1 Capital is led by a team of experienced investment managers who ensure asset growth in a risk-controlled environment.

The Company oversees the holding’s financial assets and portfolios by managing and investing globally in diverse investment strategies and asset allocations, from money markets, equities, bonds, options, derivatives and commodities, to mutual funds and hedge funds.

Throughout the years, M1 Capital and M1 Group have built multiple relationships with international banks, financial institutions and wealth managers. This has provided a diverse network for investment and partnership.

M1 Real Estate

M1 Real Estate centers on creating secure and highly profitable real estate investments by ensuring its franchises sustainable growth through all business cycles. Founded in 2006, with offices located in Monaco, London, New York, Dubai and Beirut, the company has been an active developer, owner, and manager of a diverse array of real estate investments.


M1 Fashion

M1 Fashion focuses on applying growing expertise to an extensive track record of new opportunities in the fashion sector. M1 Fashion’s management services for fashion retailers provides them with expert insight into markets, local and regional distribution channels, and logistics that draw heavily M1 Group’s international network of local knowledge.


M1 Enterprises

The M1 Enterprises team has a proven-track record of successful investments in various businesses across different sectors.

Having controlling interest and building on a broad range of front-line operational expertise, M1 Enterprises contributes significantly to value creation within a diversified portfolio of companies and investments.

M1 Investments

M1 Investments is comprised of professionals focused on managing the Group’s private equity funds.

With an opportunistic, sector diagnostic and global mandate, M1 Investments aims at creating attractive returns by investing in promising private companies and helping them grow through active ownership.

M1 Investments provides patient capital allowing its portfolio of companies to embark on long- term sustainable growth.


Areeba, owned by METS S.A.L., is a financial technology company driven by the innovative approach of changing the way payments are made in the Middle East and African markets with new technologies facilitating cashless payments.

Areeba creates smarter, faster and seamless means of payment for banks, financial institutions, merchants, governments and individuals to further their businesses.